"In the history of instruments, Hawaiian music holds one of the most important places. As the first popular style based on guitar, it represents the guitar's first step on its way out of the parlor of the nineteenth century and into the spotlight of the 1930s. What Hawaiian players brought to popular music was hot solo (or, sometimes, duo) playing, often with no vocals, with guitar being the focus --thus propelling the guitar to the center of both American music and culture. In fact, Hawaiian music was one of the most popular styles in America for most of the first half of the twentieth century".        -- George Gruhn

           "The instrument through which Hawaiian music made its most significant impact upon American music is the steel guitar, which was probably the first 'foreign' musical import to gain a foothold in American pop music".    -- George Kanahele

Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead, plays pedal steel with the New Riders of the Purple Sage in 1971.

Bluegrass artist Jerry Douglas playing acoustic resonator "Dobro" steel guitar.

Bonnie Raitt plays electric "blues" slide guitar.

Warren Haynes plays electric "blues" slide guitar with the Allman Brothers Band and The Dead.